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(Archived Jan 31, 2005)

Oil Series on PBS Features Alaska

The public television documentary "Extreme Oil" aired in the United States during the last week of September. This three-part series focuses on the problems created by the fact that most of the world's easily obtained oil has been discovered, propelling oil companies into frontier territories to meet the growing demand for energy.

The series, which aired in July and August on BBC and CBC, provides a lively visual introduction to many of the subjects discussed on this web site. The first part of the series take the viewer on an exciting expedition along the mountainous, strife-torn and earthquake-prone route of the BTC (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan) Pipeline that will link the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean, while the second part looks at the effects of oil development on Ecuador and Angola. The third part of the series focuses on Alaska and features a segment on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline with an interview with the principal of this web site.

If you missed "Extreme Oil," you can purchase a three-video set of this series for $59.95 through:

Public Broadcasting Web Shop
P.O. Box 2284
S. Burlington, VT 05407-2284

Phone orders:
888 / 255-9231

802 / 864-9846

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