Trans Alaska Pipeline System

Pipeline Oil Discharge Prevention and

Contingency Plan


General Provisions


CP-35-1 GP



Section 1.7.3 Procedures to Stop Discharge

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Section Pipeline Shutdown Leak in Pipeline

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Depending on the location of the leak and the pipe elevantion profile, it may be possible, in some limited conditions, to reduce the amount of oil spilled

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Leaving upstream valves open to attempt backflow oil to an upstream pump station relief tank is even more limited an option due to the prevention of backflow provided by pipeline check valves.


Section i.7.3.2 Temporary Patching/Repair/Isolation


Alyeska maintains a variety of clamps and sleeves for emergency patching or repair that can be used to stop a leak. A brief description of the types of clamps and sleeves that Alyeska has available is provided below.


1.      Repair Clamps

Alyeska maintains clamps for each size of crude oil piping that is in service. The clamps are strategically positioned along the pipeline for ready deployment.


2.   Bullet Hole Clamps

This type of clamp is a steel band with an attached Buna-N, rubber-type cone which is strapped around the pipe with the cone pointed toward (or in) the hole.

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(Identical language is found in CP-35-1 GP, Ed. 4, Rev. 0, December 31, 2001, at

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